Adam Levy/Rich Hinman  new album 2014

Adrian Harpham On the Edge of Change

Agent K featuring Carleen Anderson Feed The Cat (Giant Step)

Albin Janoska Le Grand Baheux (Klein)

Alex Moulton  Exodus (Expansion Team)

Alice Smith For Lovers, Dreamers and Me (BBE)

Angela Johnson A Woman's Touch, Vol. 1  (Purpose)

Angela Johnson They Don't Know (Dome)

Angela Johnson Naturally Me (Purpose)

Anna Torroja Sonrisa (Sony)

Atlantis Future Love 12"  (Giant Step)

Atlantis No More Excuses 12" (Giant Step)

Aya Strange Flower (Naked Music)

Barney McAll  Graft  ( JazzHead MGM)

Barney McAll  Mother of Dreams and Secrets (JazzHead MGM)

Barney McAll Flashbacks (Extra Celestial Arts)

Ben Butler  Truth In Guitars

Bethany Yarrow  Rock Island

Bly   Innocent New World

Carl Hancock Rux Lamentations ( For You , Son)  (Giant Step)

Chiara Chivello  7742  (Sony)

Cooly's Hot Box Take It  (Higher Octave)

Cubic U/Atomica/Richard Worth/Various Artists  Balanced Output  (Replay)

Cucu Diamantes Cuculand (Fun Machine)

Dana Bryant Wishing From the Top (Warner Brothers)

Dave Douglas  High Risk ( Greanleaf)

Dave Douglas  Dark Territory ( Greanleaf)

Digital Underground Who Got the Gravy? (Jake)

DJ Spinna Intergalactic Soul (Shanachie)

Donnie Holiday 12" (Giant Step)

Donny McCaslin Blow ( Motema Music)

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs Easy Comes, Easy Goes ( Jazz Poet mix)  (Mercury)

Elle Varner Perfectly Imperfect  (J Records)

Erykah Badu and D'Angelo/Various Artists High School High Soundtrack (Atlantic)

Fabio Morgera The Voice Within (Kufala)

Frankie Feliciano The Real Thing (Nite Grooves)

Gabriel O Pensador Cavaliero Andante (Sony)

Gabriel O Pensador Seja Voce Meso (Sony)

Genji Siraisi Censorsh!t, part 1 (Expansion Team)

Greta Gertler Edible Restaurant (Goldfish Prize)

Greta Gertler The Baby that Brought Bad Weather

Greta Gertler The Universal Thump

Groove Collective Groove Collective (Reprise/WB)

Groove Collective We the People (Impulse!/Giant Step)

Groove Collective  Dance of the Drunken Master (Shanachie)

Groove Collective  Declassified (Shanachie)

Groove Collective It's All in your Mind (Shanachie)

Groove Collective People People Music Music (Savoy Jazz)

Groove Collective Live at PS1 Warmup  (Kufala)

Groove Collective Brooklyn 4 20 (Kufala)

Groove Collective Live and Hard to Find (Kufala)

Groove Collective/Various Artists  I Got No Kick Against Modern Jazz (GRP/Universal)

Hed Rush/Dana Bryant  Giant Steps Vol. 1 (Payday/London)

Irma Faces ( My Major Company)

Itaal Shur Milk and Honey: 10 Hits to Bliss ( Wave)

Itaal Shur Big Muff: The Aural Exciter

Itaal Shur Beyond Tomorrow

Jacques Schwarz Bart Rise Above (Dreyfus)

Jamalski Ruffneck Reality (Columbia/Sony)

Jamie Saft Sovlanut (Tzadik)

Janita Seasons of Life (Lightyear)

Janita Seasons of Life Remixed (Lightyear)

Jay Rodriguez BK Connections ( Pony Canyon)

Jodi Arlyn  Stars up on the Ceiling

Jonathan Maron Over and Out/ Still

Jonathan Maron/Various Artists Midnight Snack Vol 1 (Naked Music)

Jonathan Maron/Various Artists  Mastercuts Early Hours (Mastercuts)

Josh Roseman  New Constellations: Live in Vienna  (Enja)

Josh Roseman Treats for the Nightwalker (Enja)

Kalawang Jingo 12"  (Giant Step)

Karise Eden  My Journey (Universal)

Katie Elevitch Kindling for the Fire (KTE creator music)

Katie Elevitch He Roams ( EP)   ( KTE Creator Music)

Katie Elevitch Brilliance and Light (KTE Creator Music)

King Red Eye ( DJ Spinna’s Blissed Out Remix)

Kirk Douglas/Hundred Watt Heart  Delusions of Grandeur

Lackawanna  When the Blues Is Your Only Song ( Fast Atmosphere)

Last Poets featuring Pharoah Sanders/ Various Artists Stolen Moments/Red Hot and Cool (GRP)

Liminal Pre-Set (Knitting Factory Works)

Lucy Woodward Hooked! (Verve)

Lucy Woodward Hot and Bothered  ( I Love Desi Music)

Marcus Wolf  Mirror (Occupancy1)

Marcus Wolf Tell Me (Occupancy 1)

Mark Morisson Crazy ( Remix CD)  (WEA)

Mark Kozelek and Petra Haden Joey Always Smiled

Mark Sway Tuesday's Songs (Sony)

Martha Redbone Home of the Brave (Orchard)

Matt Johnson Law of the Land (Mind of Matt Music)

Matt Johnson Cagefighter (Mind of Matt Music)

Maxwell Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite (Columbia)

Maya Azucena Cry Love (Half Note)

Maya Azucena Maya Who? (NuMedia)

Minnie Dee Time to Shine (Minnie Dee Music)

Mood II Swing feat Lauren Magical Life (King Street)

Naked Music Reconstructed Soul (OM)

Naked Music What's On Your Mind? (OM)

Nickodemus Endangered Species (Wonderwheel)

Nicole Willis, Jimi Tenor & Jonathan Maron Big Fantasy ( For Me)/ Tear It Down

Niña Dios Reyna

Olajope ( Ron Trent & Jay Rodriguez) Batidos (Six Degrees)

Onda Waiting for your Love (Wave)

Osunlade Paradigm (Soul Jazz)

Osunlade Re-Offering (R2)

Pete Miser Honest Mistakes ( Ho-Made Media)

Pharcyde/Various Artists Stolen Moments/Red Hot and Cool 12" (GRP)

Raul Midon State of Mind (EMI/Manhattan)

Raw Stylus Pushing Against the Flow (Geffen)

Rebecca Barnard Born in a Shirt (Shock)

Repercussions Charmed Life (Pony Canyon)

Repercussions Earth and Heaven (Warner Brothers)

Repercussions Promise (Mo' Wax)

Repercussions featuring Curtis Mayfield/Various Artists A Tribute to Curtis Mayfield (Warner Brothers)

Richard Worth Rise 12" (Giant Step)

Richard Worth Stone Monkey (Replay)

Robb Scot tAnything You Like (Sunshine)

Robbie Dupree Arc of a Romance (TelArc)

Ron Trent Warm


Sara Valenzuela Aquel Incendio

Satoshie Tomiie Full Lick (Columbia)

Satoru Shionoya Brazilian Rhyme (Fun House)

Shoshana Bean Superhero (Shotime)

Slide 5  People, Place and Things (Ubiquity)

Soul Bossa Trio In Native (Tokuma Japan)

Soulfinger  Life, Love and Passion

The Youth The Cure

Ticklah Polydemic (Razorfish)

Trio Feral Don't! Feed

Umberto Echo Elevator Dubs ( Enja)

Various Artists/DJ Spinna Blue Note Revisited (Blue Note)

Vivian Green A Love Story (Columbia)

Wax Poetic featuring Norah Jones Nublu Sessions (Ultra)